Kelly's Heroes

This page is a tribute to the MGM movie Kelly's Heroes.  Instead of a review, you can game the movie.

 Kelly’s Heroes go NUTS!

Version 1.1  By John Paul Bakshoian 12/09  


A U.S. recon platoon and tank platoon plow 30 miles behind enemy lines to assault a bank in Clermont, France.


(Note:  This is a scenario for the miniature wargame NUTS! 2nd Edition by Two Hour Wargames.  You must have these rules to play this scenario, though you can use this as reference for any rule-set.

This campaign was created by a fan of Kelly’s Heroes and NUTS! wargame.

All still photos from the film are property of MGM.)


There are many great World War II movies, but the one many gamers seem to hold the most reverence for is Kelly’s Heroes.  Not only is it a heist movie and a comedy, but it is also a very good war movie:  with special attention paid to authenticity you don’t find in some of the bigger budget, serious war theatrical releases.

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