TFT Article Vetting

I have three sequential articles that I would like to submit to Hexagram or The Fanzine Trip.  Articles #2 and #3 would follow in future mags.  They are currently about 10 pages each.

The reason for the articles is to help those who wish to convert TFT to a Miniatures War-game format.  All else will be the same as traditional TFT.

If you are interested in Wargaming TFT or interested in a hexless TFT, please help with the vetting of these articles.

What I am looking for is a single reading to determine if the concept is acceptable and make a comment.

If you would like to make improvements in mechanics, style or proofing, I would like that too.

Please post your comments in the box to the left with the subject line HEXLESS TFT and I will be in contact with you.  Or you can just put in your email with a note that we’ll correspond via the internet.

I am hoping to get this to Hexagram Submissions within this month (October), so I am in need of haste.  (Sorry, I thought I had more time.)

Yours Truly,

John Paul

Edit:  Except for the GURPS Concealment pictures, the internet downloaded images will undoubtedly change.

Also, these rules are for single figure = single character game, not Mass Combat single figure = generic multiple troopers; i.e. 1 figure = 10 troopers.

Note:  It may take a while to load each article.

Article 1  Hexless TFT

Article 2  Wargaming TFT

Article 3  Skirmish Wargame TFT

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